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Street - With Yellow Shirt
City Crowd - Cop and Ear
Interfering With Getting There
The Twenty Dollar Bill
City Crowd - Yellow Billboard
Leaving the Court, the Photographer
Intellectual Baggage
The Suitcase
The Difficulty of Getting It Right
Newspapers Over the City
The Yellow Shirt - Braids
Family - Immigrants
Steps - Woman in Pink
Steps - Red Shoe
Steps - The White Dog
Dog's Eye - Version Two
Red City - Profile
To Be a Stranger
Outer Borough
Act of Mercy
Giving and Taking
Ordinary Lives - An Allegory
Seeing Max Beckmann Among Commmuters
2nd Study - Beckmann Crowd
The Large Election Rally
Study - Outer Borough
Study - Steps
Study - Steps Series, Hand
Study - Steps Series, Shoe
Study - Angelo's Nose
Study - Steps Series, With Child